Saturday, 27 October 2007

Third Time's a Charm

Why am I doing this? Having started two blogs which quickly ran squealing under the voluminous petticoats of Dame Apathy, it might be argued that starting 'that difficult third blog' is asking for grief. A stronger man would think 'Now, hold on there just a minute, Derek [or similar Stronger Man's Name]. Have you actually got Something To Say, or are you just mindlessly pitching in to the latest daft fad that everyone else seems to be at, though tellingly about six months after half of them have decided it's all old hat now anyway? Put down the mouse and get your old fishing cap on. Take the greyhound for a walk along the canal. Fire up the old St Bruno. You don't need all this mimsy-whimsy neologistic nonsense. By the way, mine's a Mackeson's. Mellow and smooth. Rich and invigorating. A drink that brings liveliness back to tired bodies. Strength and life in every glass, when the long day's work is over at last. And still only 11p a pint. MACKESON'S STOUT sets you up wonderfully. '

Anyway, there it is, done. If you're reading this by accident in July 2009, and wondering why this is the only entry on a sadly sparse sliver of HTML, there's your answer. And with all that cowardly funk out of the way... let's go!

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