Friday, 23 November 2007

Kangabang '82

It's 1982! Fun, love and experimentation are in the air! The Space Shuttle is finally working! The ZX Spectrum is teaching us to laugh! And an entire generation of young men are - cough - beginning to come of age. If you could sum up this year in a single image, what would it be? Might it be the one, say, at 2:25 here?

Yes folks, for a certain segment of the British populace nothing says 1982 quite like Kate Bush wanking off a laser beam. And just off camera, don't forget there's Rolf Harris and Percy Edwards, beavering away in their booths. 'Hey, that's OK, Junior. I am confused also.' Tony Benn writes: 'Thish ish exshactly the short of thing I was pushing towardsh when I accshepted the poshition of Poshtmashter General.'

And here's something in better taste - Very Good Taste, in fact.

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Steve said...

Brilliant stuff. Why oh why are our pop charts so devoid of such truly mental genius these days? Good God but she's sexy. Talent is sexy. Dancing about in unpainted Earthshock-era Cybermen suits is sexy. And yes, didn't we all just want to be that laser beam. Come back Kate, we still need you!