Monday, 21 January 2008

Givin' it Plenty!

This post is primarily to plug the new Creamguide (Films) YouTube channel, a sort of visual accompaniment to the perenially late weekly e-mag of tiresomely esoteric film obsessions, to which all contributions are most welcome. One area of cinema we'll be covering is the cultural phenomenon scholars refer to as Great Credits, Bog-rotten Film. As a case in point, here's the opening to shabby Bond spoofer Lindsay Shonteff's 1977 classic No.1 of the Secret Service.

Needless to say, actually sitting down and watching this film is a severe test of any sane individual's patence, but this is great. Top disco-lite theme song with a lyric which is more Perfect Strangers than James Bond? Check! Everyone firing guns at random a la Police Squad? Check! Unreconstructed chauvinistic abuse of Sue Lloyd? Check! A very big, very red GPO telephone? Check! Dudley Sutton? Check! Whether the comedy's unintentional or not, this is opening sequence is every bit as great as a 'You Have Been Watching' montage at the end of Hi-De-Hi! A sort of 'you will be watching', in this case. Except of course, if you have any sense you won't be.

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