Thursday, 6 December 2007

Christmas DVD Preview 2008 Part Two

That Bit on Hi-De-Hi! Where Peggy and Spike are Dressed as a Pantomime Horse Riding on the Back of a Real Horse (For Some Reason) and Boozy Old Mr Partridge is There Drinking Booze and Eating a Banana and he Looks at the Booze and Looks at the Banana and he Throws the Banana Away

RRP: $45.60

From Britain’s best-loved comedy comes Britain’s best-loved scene from Britain’s best-loved comedy! Everyone – WITHOUT FAIL – remembers where they were when they first saw this textbook piece of al fresco slapstick. Now it’s available in a special extended collector’s edition for you to own. (Well, for you to buy, let’s be honest, but if we talk about you ‘owning’ the thing that sounds more cosy and less rampantly profit-orientated. To tell the truth, we don’t care if you stick the thing up your arse, as long as you paid for it).


The famous scene in question, shorn of the rest of the programme it appeared in and shown entirely out of context (and probably cut to ribbons to boot, I’ll be bound).

Commentaries from everyone - and we mean everyone – involved. Jeffrey Holland and Su Pollard contribute fulsome praise for each other’s acting talents and other trad reminiscences along ‘the BBC tea kept us going’ lines.

The late Leslie Dwyer’s private diaries are ransacked and read out by a computer with his voice in a similar manner to that Tom Baker messaging service.

The late Simon Cadell does the same with a comic ‘review’ of the scene written by ‘Joe Maplin!’

Paul Shane applies his ‘rules of comedy’ to the scene. In song!

Barry Howard grins painfully, and Felix Bowness spends five minutes silently jumping up and down and ranting about something or other (audio only).

Someone in the production office suddenly gets the faint, sickening inkling in the back of his mind that this gag might be a rip-off of something WC Fields did in about 1932, but no-one bothers to go out and check.

Bonus Features:

Su Pollard’s ‘Oo Makes a Luvverly Cupp-aaah!’ donkey advert for Ty-Phoo!

Plus five more hours of solid Pollard!

Coming Soon:

That Bit Where Barry Whispers to Yvonne what Joe Maplin Means by the Term ‘Merchant Bankers’, and Yvonne Winces.

‘Pies, Pies, Who Wants a Custard Pie?’

The Complete Gladys-Sylvia Stand-offs (Commentary by Barry Davies)

Knit Yourself Funny!: Jeffrey Holland’s Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Woollen Versions of Every One of Spike’s Comedy Costumes

‘I Just Sort of Stood Next to the Webb Twins and Waved’: A Personal Journey by Chris Andrews.


FeedbackReport said...

On the subject of Chris Andrews, was there some sort of unspoken contractual obligation that all Perry/Croft shows had to have a lone 'You Have Been Watching...' person that you could swear blind wasn't actually in the episode?

Matthew Rudd said...

And no sign of Paul Shane singing You've Lost That Feeling!

Hi De Hi was always worth it just for Linda Regan's enthusiastic kiss-blowing during the end credits.

LF Barfe said...

Like Colin Bean as Private Sponge? Meanwhile, I've just been moved to check that it isn't the same Chris Andrews that wrote 'Girl Don't Come' and had a minor hit of his own with 'Yesterday Man'. It isn't.

Ah, the Shane. "Lips, lips, lips, lips..."

Meanwhile, you forgot about David Croft's commentary where he just points out the female members of the cast that he nailed. "There's no point in denying it, as it's a matter of public record thanks to Mr Murdoch's finest, but I'm amazed I managed to be so prolific considering how much time I spent hanging out of the front of Nikki Kelly..."

CCB said...

I'll take 10 copies of "Pies, Pies, Who wants a custard pie" and place an order for it's follow up "Now, you're a naughty octopus"

Steve said...